Gritty Blues with a Contemporary Sensibility

Whiteboy Slim

is an explorer of the blues. He says, "I see the Blues as a living art form - not museum exhibit. I think there is room for experimentation and creativity in the blues without losing respect for the roots." In fact, as Slim points out himself, blues has always accepted outside influences and tackled the troubles of the day. Its very nature ensures that it will always be relevant. So, when he adds jazz or sings about the war in Iraq, Slim is taking the blues on the road it was meant to follow.

The first Whiteboy Slim CD, "HOMEMADE", came out in 2003 with eleven original tracks, as a tribute to the Year of the Blues. "I tried to cover as many blues genres as I could here: from Delta blues to hip hop, the CD is still all blues."

The second CD 2006's "aka Whiteboy Slim" continued the exploration and added covers of blues classics, such as Muddy Water's "She's Into Something" and Taj Mahal's "She Caught the Katy". The CD garnered three wins at the Toronto Exclusive Magazine 2007 Music Awards, including Best Male Blues Artist, Best Blues Song (Hey Hold On, Stop), and Best Blues CD.

2007 also saw the release of "A Whiteboy Slim Christmas" which gave a worldwide audience relief from the tired old holiday favourites.

In 2010 Whiteboy Slim released "I'm Still Here", which debuted on the Canadian Roots Charts at #7. The title track “I’m Still Here” was named “Best Blues Song (provincial)” at the 2010 Toronto Exclusive Magazine Music Awards.

“Hey Little Girl”, the single from Whiteboy Slim’s new CD “I’m Still Here”, has won an honourable mention in Billboard Magazine’s 17th annual Billboard Starmaker WorldWide Song Contest.

New Album Released

Box? What Box?

It is 2014, and the long-awaited new Whiteboy Slim CD – Box? What Box? – is finally in the world. It is a two CD set containing 24 songs on two CDs. Volume 1, called Bluesification, is the kind of cutting edge Blues, Jazz, and Funk that you have come to expect from Whiteboy Slim. With Dustin Bowyer on bass, and Michael Libby and Greg Schatkowsky on drums, these tunes lay down great grooves, and feature the unique lyrics and guitar and vocals Whiteboy Slim is known for.

Volume 2 goes outside a new range of musical boxes. The songs, which were lying neglected, left over from other projects were too good to forget, so the album doubled in size and added Ska, Reggae, Americana, and Ambient grooves, along with more story-telling lyrics, and the added attraction of vocals by Cynthia Wells. Engineered by Larry Gusaas, and produced by maurice richard libby and Larry Gusaas, this is a fine-sounding recording.

Check out some of Whiteboy Slim's blues. The links on the right let you play and download MP3s. They offer a taste of the CDs and the awesome live performance, but the only way to get the full picture is to get to a gig or buy the CDs.It's an incredible assortment of songs from across Whiteboy Slim's back catalogue, and almost acts as a guide to the multifaceted nature of the blues, whether you're listening to it as you work, or as you drive down the highway, the tunes spilling out of your speakers.

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Whiteboy Slim

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